Thursday, September 22, 2011

Soccer season two

We started our second season of soccer a few weeks ago.  Dan is coaching Maddie's team this season and it has made an amazing difference!  I'm sure that having a season under her belt has helped Maddie get comfortable with soccer in general, but having her daddy there coaching has given her confidence and seems to have completely changed her attitude.  She has been loving soccer practice and there have been no tears.  Last season we hardly made it through a practice or game without some kind of melt down.  It appears that Maddie has also started to really get into the game.  She jumps in there, steals the ball away and has been making goals like crazy!  At her last game she made 3 goals.  I'm really glad that she is liking this experience!  I am so proud of Dan too.....he is proving to be a great coach!  I love that this is a great family experience for all of us.

Maddie is the front with the ball


Hooray!  Right after one of her goals.

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