Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three girls and a tree

It is hard work to get a decent picture of three kids.  It's even harder when those three kids are your own!  Don't get me wrong, getting good group shots of strangers is a challenge, but there is something extra special when the group is your own kids.  You get that extra dose of attitude and non cooperativeness that just really makes you crazy.....maybe its just me?!?  My girls were actually pretty good during this mini session, and by mini session I really mean mini.....like 5 minutes.  None of the pictures are fantastic, but they are good enough to mark the moment and maybe I'll even frame one of them.  It gets easier as they get older, right??

P.S. We're attempting to grow Maddie's bangs out.....she will look like a ragamuffin for a little while.  :o)

I think this one might be the best

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