Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love is in the air

I've never been big on Valentine's day.  Even when Dan and I were young and dating we never made a big deal out of the love holiday.  It's not that I despise the day, or have any deep feelings about it one way or another.....it just never seemed very important.  And it still isn't.  We have nothing planned for Valentine's day, although we have talked about Dan taking the big girls out for a fancy date night somewhere.  But it probably won't even be on V-day.  

For the first time ever I decided to make an effort and do some Valentine crafts.  This decision was mostly based on the fact that hearts are fun, and my house feels less festive and a bit sad since taking down all the Christmas decorations.  I'm trying to be better at keeping the crafting momentum going all year and what better way to do that then fill my house with hearts?!?  We haven't really talked about what Valentine's day is, but the girls have a party at school each year so they know that hearts and glitter and cards and candy are involved.....which are all very enjoyable.  I'm going to have the girls make their own Valentines this year instead of buying store bought ones which I think we'll have a lot of fun making!  My house feels cheerful and I've spent lots of good time with my precious ones being crafty and artistic.  It's all good.

I cut out a ton of felt hearts and sewed them together

Gratuitous baby

Remember these hearts?

They are now strung up between our kitchen & living room
We used to have snowflakes hanging here
Maddie asked if we could always and forever hang different stuff across here
I said yes, of course

Painted the hearts with string

This is what Eleanor does during most crafts
I think she's pretty lucky......her, not so much
She is dying to craft with her sisters!
Soon baby.

(and a little bit of Eleanor in Charlotte's shoes)

Paper mache + paint + string = mess!

But it also = pretty!
Please disregard the disaster that is our office.  
Someday I will throw away the Halloween candy that we never eat.

Maddie being a ham

Our front door "wreath"

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