Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's day: better late than never

Valentine's day was last week.  I've been meaning to post about our happenings for the day of love, but you know......I'm a busy gal!  The week got away from me and the weekend blew by even faster and now here I am almost a week later just getting my pictures up.  Oh well, better late than never, right?  I decided to have the girls make their Valentine's this year.  I stand behind my decision and we'll probably continue to do so in years to come, but MAN was it a messy process.  The girls were only somewhat interested in this task which meant that I had to split the process up into many steps that took many days to complete.  I really thought they would enjoy glittery heart stickers more than they did.  I do realize that they were coming off of being sick, so that might be why they weren't over the moon excited about making cards.  The glitter glue is another story.....they LOVED that part of the project!  I think the cards turned out cute and looked exactly like a 3 & 5 year old made them.  We decided to celebrate Valentine's day on Monday since the girls were home from school that day.  I made heart shaped pancakes and we read all of our children's books about love and V-day.  It was mellow....nothing major happened, but it was nice.  On Tuesday the girls had their party at school (which I did not attend) and got all hyped up on candy.  I had taken pictures of all the kids in the class the week before and they used the pics to make Valentine's for the parents.  They were really cute!  One of the boys in the class gave everyone a heart shaped box of chocolates and my girls now think he is the bees knees.  They enjoyed their party and had an early bedtime that night.  This weekend Dan took Maddie and Charlotte out on a date to Tripps which is a pretty fancy restaurant near us.  They dressed up and went to dinner with their daddy and I was told they had great manners and did really well through the whole dinner even though Maddie drank too much chocolate milk and didn't eat much of her dinner.  Dan was proud to be out with his beautiful girls and I was happy to hear about their good time!  All in all a very nice Valentine's holiday.
Making Valentines

Eleanor helped too......mostly she just put stickers in her mouth

Heart pancakes

Their school photos

Ready for their date
Maddie even put some lip gloss on!

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