Thursday, June 7, 2012

Around the yard: May

These pictures are from our yard in early May.  We made the decision to not have a vegetable garden this year.  We are going to be crazy busy all summer and out of town a lot and just wouldn't have time to tend to everything.  I'm bummed that we don't have fresh veggies popping up, but we have an amazing farmer's market very close to us.  I think I'll try and have veggies next year.....maybe.  We do still have all of our fruit trees and of course our berries.  In these pictures the peaches and apples are pretty small and the berries have yet to fruit, but right now in June, the peaches are about ready to pick, the apples are bigger than golf balls and we have a gazillion raspberries and the start of blackberries.  Our hydrangeas are also in crazy bloom right now.  One big change in a yard is that instead of grass we have clover coming up all over.  We started seeding clover last spring and did another seeding in April this year and boy, is the clover coming up!  Clover is a great alternative to a grass lawn because it only grows so high (about 8 inches) it doesn't need to be fertilized because it gets it's nutrients from the soil and the air and it has the wonderful benefit of flowering.....which brings bees to our yard and our fruit trees and bushes.  So far we are very happy with out clover lawn.  Even Dan who is very picky about his yard seems to like it.  It's been nice playing outside this spring while the weather is lovely!

Soon to be raspberries

Soon to be blackberries


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