Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chicken soup for the soul

I have been craving chicken soup since I had the flu two weeks ago. Although in the thick of the flu I don't feel like actually making anything, so I suffered through without soup because I refuse to buy canned's just not good. Well with my newly acquired cold I decided to buck up and make some soup. I started with a whole chicken for the first time instead of using chicken breasts, and although it was a little more work because I had to pull the meat off the bones by hand, it is well worth it!! A whole chicken has lots of delicious fat that makes fantastic broth, and having both dark and white meat makes it more tender and flavorful. This is a good batch if I do say so myself, although we have about 2 gallons of it!! Good thing it can be frozen. If you want my recipe just message me and I'll type it out for ya!

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