Friday, March 6, 2009


Our new and improved compost tumbler was finished by my darling husband this afternoon. He had a design in his head, and every time he tried to explain it to me I would scratch my head. I knew they would rotate and be off the ground but I just couldn't picture it. The finished product is pretty amazing! There is a door cut out of each drum with a latch that keps it can't see them in the pictures below, but thats how we get the materials in, and the compost out. Each drum spins so I can mix the compost inside which will help it to break down faster. The entire frame with both drums rotates so we can move each drum to the bottom to dump finished compost into our wheel barrow. And the whole thing can be locked into place so that it won't rotate at all. The best least in my opinion is that it is the perfect height and in the perfect location for me to put kitchen scraps into the drums from the deck without having to treck into the yard. I find that if things are easy to use and convenient it is more likely that I'll use it. That may make me lazy, but it also makes Dan and I try harder with our gardening plans. I know I've been talking my husband up for a while, but I just can't help it. I find it truly amazing that he is so gifted. I don't know exactly the right word for his ability, but it is technical and mechanical and smartical. (I totally made that last word up! lol) It feels like no matter what hairbrained idea I come up with, he can make it happen......where as I would seriously still be researching what kind of screw goes on a threaded rod. I do know what a threaded rod is, but only because I was with Dan at Tractor Supply when he bought it. husband rocks, and I am a lucky compostin' gal. Keep your fingers crossed that we make lovely black compost this summer!!

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