Friday, March 6, 2009

Healing + randoms

Things are getting better in the house of Schultz. Charlotte is starting to eat again and is in much better spirits. Maddie sounds horrible, but I think it's all upper resp. and not her throat.....she is actually being a good eater. Everyone slept through the night last night and the Mama got to sleep till 9:15 this morning. The sun is shining and it's nearly 70 degrees out.....a little windy but gorgeous none the less. We have our windows open and played outside in the dirt for a while this morning. Right now the littles are napping and the hubbs is working on our compost barrels and life is starting to feel like its back to normal. Sometimes when I'm elbow deep in the "normal" day to day I feel frustrated and bored and's amazing how wonderful normal seems when everyone has been dealing with the flu for almost a week. A little perspective. Here are a few random:

We got the chickens settled in with wire over their box. Every time they look at me I feel guilty because we've caged them in. I know they're just chickens, but their little eyes look sad that they can't escape anymore. More than likely they will be moved into their deluxe brooder today.....still caged in, but with 4 times as much space.

I used to think that children learned to not like eating bread crust from their parents. I don't anymore. We don't cut crusts off, we always model crust eating, we've never had an issue with it.....until now. Maddie will eat the middle part out of her sandwich but leaves the crust. She either picked up the behavior from the kids at school, or it's something instinctual with kids. I hate it.....any ideas on how to break this habit? Lemme know.

We got a call today from Charlotte's doctor that we saw the other day. He was calling to see how Charlotte was doing and if she was feeling better. Seriously? I have never.....not once.....had a doctor of any kind call to check in after an appointment. I may not like doctors in general and I may think her peds office staffs a bunch of idiots, but this guy gets a gold star!! He's not our normal doctor and I don't think we'll be back to see him again, but he is a good man even if he's not such a great doctor.

I have this pattern for a horse that I've been wanting to make for a few weeks now. I am really afraid of it. I finally printed it out and keep glancing at it, but I'm afraid to actually start it. I have all of the materials that I need, I just feel like I am lacking the skills necessary to complete it and I don't want to fail! Maybe I'll get the courage necessary and give it a go tonight once the kids are in bed.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. We don't have much planned for the weekend because we still have sickies. We'll probably do more work outdoors and try to stay on our normal schedule/routine so we can hopefully get life back to normal. I do have a baby shower for my SIL on Sunday. The plan was to bring the girls with me to the party, but with them being sick I don't think it's such a good idea. I would die if my 9 month preggo SIL or my 3 year old niece got sick days before they were going to bring a new baby into their home. That would suck a lot! I have to say though that the idea of the long car ride all by myself and not having to look after the girls for the afternoon sounds appealing. Relaxing.

Have a great weekend!!

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