Monday, March 23, 2009

sand and water

What do you do when you don't want to spend $79.99 plus shipping on a sand and water table like this?

Well, if you have an amazing hubby with power tools and a genius mind you make your own version of a sand and water table using scraps of wood lying around! The wood was cost money a year ago when we bought the treated lumber for our deck, but for this project it was free. The plastic bins were $8.00 and the umbrella was $24.00. And I need to mention that the umbrella is a 7.5 foot umbrella which is way bigger than what comes with the step 2/little tikes sand and water tables, and it is also much better quality and tilts to block sun. Also, we can take it off the table and bring it to the beach, or the park if we wanted to, so it's more useful than a child sized umbrella. I have half a bag of sand that I am going to put in the bin.....we'll have to get more, but we'll test drive this baby sometime this afternoon and see how the Mads likes it, but I'm guessing with her love for sand and water we will get 2 thumbs up from her!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to play with a sand and water table.....can't wait

Love mom

Turtles To Start said...

I love it! That's such a terrific idea...

County McCounterson