Monday, March 23, 2009

Purple Majesty

Have you heard of Purple Majesty potatoes? I just recently bought some and I am pretty much obsessed. Not only do they have purple skin quite like the Purple Viking potato but they are also purple on the inside!! I tried finding some seed potatoes online but they are all sold out, so I am going to try my luck at planting some of the Purple Majesty potatoes that I have. And because we didn't plan on growing potatoes, and I don't want to give up any of my garden beds for such a long time, we are going to plant the potatoes in tires which will keep them growing vertically. We found a guy in town who has an unlimited supply of tires and he said we can have as many as we want. What a great way to recycle old tires!! Hopefully in about 4 months we'll have some yummy potatoes. Wish me luck!

This is what the potatoes look like growing in tires

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Anonymous said...

I've grown potatoes before and that looks like a great idea, 3 tires would work just as well as 4, potatoes don't grow that deep.
you are going to have quite a farm soon... :)


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