Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vacuum help

Our vacuum is dead. Well, basically dead. I was using it last night and it started slowing down and making weezing noises and something started burning and it smelled aweful. Dan took it apart and thinks that the motor has gone bad. We've had our hoover for about 3's generally worked well for us, but I've never been very fond of it. The hose that you use with attachments is like 4 feet long and inflexible and when you try and use it the whole vacuum falls over. It's also really heavy. Anyway.....we are in search of a new vacuum. I've been interested in a Dyson for a really long time but never bought one because we already had a working vacuum. So now that I have the opportunity to get one I've been doing a lot of research and just don't know what to do. Is a Dyson worth the money? I know there are better vacuums out there, but we are not in a place to afford a $1000 dollar Kirby, nor would I want to spend that kind of money on a vacuum if we had it to spend!! Approx. how long is the life of a Dyson? I figure I can go out and buy another Hoover or similar vacuum for around $200 that is going to get the job done but just be okay, and need to be replaced in a couple years, or I could spend around $400 for a Dyson that is said to be a great vacuum that would probably last longer. What do you think? Any advice or reccomendations would be wonderful. And if you have a Dyson I would love to know where you got it and if you found a good deal. I like a good deal!

P.S. I know I can find a regular Dyson for less than $400 but I am in the market for a "ball" model.


Becky said...

My brother has the ball Dyson and loves it. We have a regular Dyson and in my opinion, it's just as good. Why I like the Dyson: does carpet and hard floors, extention piece is VERY long, as is the cord, and then the vacuum is VERY sturdy, the emptying of the dirt and crap is VERY easy, cleaning the filter is easy too. What I don't like: sometimes you have to go very slow over something for it to be picked up.....and that's about it. It is a wonderful vacuum and I am VERY happy we have it.

We got a great deal, but it was the deal at the time: it was $400 originally, but was $50 off, and then it was near the end of the pregnancy so we had gotten the "10% off the rest of your registry" at Target and we added the vacuum, so we got 10% off the $350. Nice. Unfortunately, I think the price has gone down since then anyway, and practically makes our "deal" not so much of one.

I think you would really like it. You could use it on your hardwood floors and be quite happy. Look foward to seeing what you get.......whatever you do, get a bagless vacuum, makes life SOOOOOO much nicer! :)

Becky said...

Wow, that was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG comment! :)

Hannah Chan said...

I have the original Dyson model and I too got it at Target. They were having a deal where you got a $50 Target gift card with purchase. We considered the pet hair model but I think the original was enough. I have had it for over a year now and I love it. I have a lot of carpet and stairs and the hose is super long but it is such a compact part of the vacuum that it isn't bulky. The vacuum comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and service and it also has an incredibly detailed instruction manual including maintenance and care instructions. When I first got it I thought it wasn't working that well but it was because when you tip it back to use the floor vacuum the brushes don't come down unless you give it a little extra pressure with your foot which I assume is to clean hard floors. Once I figured that out I had no problems and it works great!!

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