Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charlotte the great

Charlotte is almost 11 months old. It is hard to believe that at the end of next month she is going to be a year old. Where did the time go? It's pretty amazing how 1 year can seem to go by so quickly and at the same time drag on. I felt like that during the 9 months of both my pregnancies as well! The days are long but the months fly by. Charlotte is growing like a weed. She is crawling all over the place although she usually stays as close to me as she can. She is pulling herself up, but not really walking while holding on. I'm not sure if she will be walking by her birthday, but that would be a lot of fun if she was! She is teething again.....or should I say still?!? I seriously wish she would just get all of her teeth at the same time and be a total crank pot for like 4 weeks so we could just get through it and then over it! It's just dragging on and on and on this way. Poor baby.....poor parents! Amazingly, Charlotte is talking! Not too many words, but along with Mama and Dada she also says "hi", "all done", "yay"and "cracker". I can't remember when Maddie first started talking (and I'm too lazy to look it up in her baby book!), but it was later than 10 1/2 months! While Grandma was here she taught Charlotte to wave bye bye and play patty cake. My child is now a genius!! Now all I have to do is potty train her and send her off to college! lol

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