Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why, yes; I am making up for lost time!

So, I'm not sure if what I'm about to post is illegal or not, but if it is, please don't turn me in! Maddie had pictures taken a school a few weeks ago. We got pictures last week with the option to buy them. Her picture is good.....she is smiling, looks cute etc. but it's not a great photo.....maybe I'm just a photography snob? Anyway. They wanted $34.00 for 2 sheets. We don't really have $34 bucks lying around and the picture wasn't worth it. Soooo, I took a picture of the picture, edited it a little bit to make it a bit sharper/brighter and wa-la! Just for the record, there wasn't any kind of proofing water mark on the pics so I wasn't being sneaky and editing that off the pic.....just regular photo editing. Hopefully I won't get dragged off to jail for this! I felt bad not getting the pictures just because it was a documentation of Maddie in pre school that I'm sure we would enjoy looking back at when she's older, but being frugal kinda trims things like this out of our budget!

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Maddie's Daddy said...

I think the picture looks like the 70's era school photo. Cute girl!!

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