Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 1

Day one is almost over and miraculously things went beautifully. Charlotte did wake me up at 5:00 this morning needing her paci and it was hard to get back to sleep, and not very long after that Maddie came and woke me up for good, but that's not too bad. Both girls took sensational naps this afternoon and Charlotte went down to bed without a hitch. Maddie is currently watching Jonah and in about 30 minutes we'll read stories and she will be in bed too! AND.....I took a shower today! Woo hoo. I think that Dan had a worse day than I did, his flight from Raleigh to Chicago was delayed 3 hours and he missed his connection to Denmark and had to spend the night in Chicago. He will arrive in Denmark tomorrow morning around 9:30 which is late for his meetings. Boo. I really dislike flying and can't imagine being stuck over night somewhere and still have to take an 8 hour flight and not be able to sleep off the jet lag before heading into work. Poor Dan. At least it wasn't a family trip with all that and two small children. I am feeling very optimistic that the rest of the week will be as easy as today. *keeping fingers crossed*


Becky said...

Hey, what's with your husband leaving you during your birthday!? Hope it's a good day!!

geetabean said...

I couldn't be helped. But I gave him the green light to go. Birthday's just aren't that important as I get older (except for the kiddos). Plus we never seem to have any money or baby sitters so festivities are limited. Oh well.

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