Sunday, April 19, 2009

Single mom for a week

Dan took off not long ago for the airport. He is flying to Denmark for work and will be gone until Friday night. I am going to be a single mom of sorts for the week. I know that I can get through this, but there are some days when I count down the minutes until Dan gets home from work.....and there will be no count down this week while I fly solo. We seem to have Charlotte's teething under control, although there still aren't any teeth to speak of. Maddie has school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which should break things up a bit. Hopefully both girls will be on their best behavior this week and not make me want to sell them to the circus! I know we'll get through it, but I can tell you already I would NOT like to be a single mom for real.....I don't know how they survive! Prayers are always welcome!!

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Vika said...

Gina, one week is a cake walk compare to 5 months…besides the circus will not be in town till next month…so hang in there gal, it will fly by…

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