Monday, May 25, 2009

backyard fun

Our backyard is great! We seriously spend a good chunk of our time out there and the more we are out there the more we discover. Today we saw a raccoon climbing up in the trees and we discovered that we have two HUGE mulberry trees with thousands of berries on them. I was a bit freaked out by the raccoon, but after Dan threw sticks at him (typical male lol) we discovered that it was way more afraid of us than we were of it. I don't know why a raccoon scares me more than squirrels.....we have squirrels everywhere and they don't bother me a bit. I'm sure I'll get over it. I need to figure out some things to do with mulberries because we seriously have a lifetime supply! Before we figured out what they were Dan ate one and I was honestly a little worried that he might get sick and die. Who eats random berries when they have no idea what they are? Men. I will blog more about our berry trees at a later date, until then, if you know of any good recipes that use mulberries, send them my way! We celebrated Memorial day with swinging and bubbles.....lots of bubbles and we grilled and I made my guacamole! I'll post the recipe for that later is super delicious! All in all we had a good day and we have 4 more days this week to spend time together in our backyard. Gotta love Dan's work schedule.....except for when he has to work! lol

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Becky said...

I once walked into our garage at our house on Brentwood and found Cubby (I assume you remember Cubby) laying on blankets surrounded by 4 raccoons who were eating his food. He didn't care at all. It was funny! We had a whole family of raccoons living in the trees behind our house, with babies and everything! Really cute! Embrace the lovely nature your new home surrounds! :)

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