Monday, May 25, 2009

strawberry field forever

Dan and I took the girls strawberry picking last week. It was such a great time! We got a bucket and off we went into the fields in search of the ripest fruit. The best part is that you get to eat strawberries as you pick them. It's $8.00 for a bucket which holds about 4 pounds, and whatever you eat while you pick is included. I think that we ate about as much as we put into our buckets! I was telling Dan that this farm had a great business plan because their start up was probably pretty low.....random land in Johnston County, strawberry plants. Their operating cost is probably pretty low.....water, fertilizer and maybe some workers. And then they charge money and let the general public do all the labor. It's a fun experience for us, and virtually no work for them! lol The farm also has peaches, tomatoes, lots of greens and other organic fares. I think that Maddie's favorite part of the afternoon was the ice cream.....they have an ice cream shop right next to their fruit stand. It was a hot day and it sure felt good to sit in the rocking chairs in the shade and eat our ice cream while we watched other suckers pay to labor in strawberry fields! What a great day!

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