Friday, May 22, 2009

Backyard pool

I don't think there is anything more fun than a backyard pool. Well, maybe sprinklers, but since we don't have those out here in NC a blow up pool will have to do. We had a kiddie pool last summer as well, but it was much smaller (if you can believe that) and I don't think that it actually made the move to our new house. The weather was hot and a little muggy while my family was in town so I bought a pool and let the hubby blow it up.....with an electric pump of course! :) the water was cold which from personal experience is a non-issue with kids. I used to swim in extremely cold water as a youngin' and most of the time you couldn't get me out! The girls spent most of the time complaining about the splashing that each one was doing (come on....we're in a pool!!) but they seemed to enjoy themselves none the less. Dan and I deflated the pool yesterday but I am going to have him blow it back up again so we can use it while he is in Denmark next week. The weather is supposed to be warm. Hooray for back yard pools!

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