Thursday, May 21, 2009

food obsessed

My dog Henry is food obsessed. Always has been, probably always will be. He is not food aggressive.....big difference, but he is crazy bout some food and if its something other than his dog food then its mo' betta. Every time we let him in from the yard he goes directly over to Charlotte's high chair because he knows where the mess usually is! Since we moved, I have been way more relaxed on making sure the dogs are not near the kitchen table at meal times (I hate begging even if they are being good and quiet and just waiting) although they generally know better than to get too close while we are having a meal. Charlotte doesn't seem to mind having a constant companion while she eats, and she has even learned how to lean over the side of her chair and drop tasty treats down for Henry. Needless to say, you will know exactly where to find my dog when my youngest is eating a meal! And it's less clean up for the Mama! Silly.

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