Saturday, May 23, 2009

first of many

My Charlotte girl was familiar to me from the first moment I looked at her. And it's more than the fact that she is me through and through, my eyes, my fingernails, my stubbornness.....she is someone that I have known for my entire life. We didn't have an easy start my youngest and I but you would never guess it looking at her now. Charlotte is easy, she is happy and brave and vocal and stubborn and ornery. She loves to splash in the bathtub.....the kind of splashing that soaks me down and makes her sister want to get out. She will crawl up to you and ram her head into your leg which should tell you she wants to be picked up and she likes to rub her face on your face and in the crook of your neck. Charlotte loves baby dolls. LOVES THEM. She hugs them and kisses them and lays on top of them. She will eat anything. Seriously, anything! She could easily eat an entire watermelon if we let her! Charlotte makes known what she wants by grunting and pointing her hand. She always wants to do whatever her sister does and its fun to watch her watch Maddie and then try and duplicate it. Charlotte can say Mama, Daddy, bath tub, cracker, awake, ball, pancake, all done, and bye. She loves putting things inside of other things, like a small ball into a cup. She tries to put everything into something else. Charlotte will give you a hug if you ask her for one. Charlotte can touch her belly and her head when you ask her where they are. She always wakes up happy and smiling with all of her pacis on the floor and she hates to have her diaper changed because she doesn't want to stop playing.

I could not imagine our family without Charlotte in it! She completes us. Happy birthday sweet girl! Cheers to many many more birthdays to come.

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Dano said...

I love you Charlotte

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