Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new park

Right now Maddie is wearing a clown costume and playing in her kitchen. Charlotte is in a diaper and getting in and out of her little chair right at my feet and the "Madeline" theme song is playing over and over again because the DVD ended and I am too lazy to get up and turn it off......just thought I'd give you a glimpse of my life right this second.

We had a semi busy morning this morning, but since the girls got up from their naps we have done nothing.....and its glorious! I unpacked a couple boxes in their room, we played with dress up clothes, (thus the clown outfit) watched a Madeline movie which Maddie is currently obsessed with and now they are playing with pretend food and I am blogging. I figured we have been SO busy the last few days it would be nice to just stay home this afternoon and do nothing. I was right! Have I mentioned how much I love our new house? We are up in the bonus room (which I will be calling the family room for future reference) and I have the baby gate at the top of the stairs latched so the girls just go back and forth between the family room and their bedroom playing with toys and looking at books and there is just so much space to spread out. I WILL eventually stop talking about how much I adore my house, but since it's only been a little over two weeks, you will just have to deal with hearing about it for now! lol

There is a park in our neighborhood, and not like a mile away....it's two streets away and we can walk to it. It is such a lovely park! The equipment is a little outdated but kids dont care about that kind of thing. It is wooded and shady which seems to be an old school idea since most new parks are built on totally cleared land. The creek that runs through our whole neighborhood also runs through the park and it's just a nice place to hang out. There is a shelter and picnic tables and basketball courts and tennis courts and we have a pond with ducks to feed and turtles to see. I try and take the girls every other day but sometimes we go as much as twice a day because it is so close and a good change of scenery where we can get the wiggles out at. During the early part of the day there are very few kids there, but in the afternoon when school is out and people are getting home from work there are quite a few kids for Maddie to play with. I can picture many a summer afternoon at our little park. If only we had a community pool.....I can dream can't I? :)

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Becky said...

I love parks and I love having a park close by! D doesn't really have a huge interest just yet, but I know he will and I'm excited for that!

I also love to hear how much you love your house and don't think you should stop saying it!! It makes me excited for my house someday in the future! :)

One more thing.....I often leave the "PraiseBaby" DVD menu running because it's Ode to Joy and it's music to have on in the background....and I'm also lazy! :)

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