Thursday, May 21, 2009

impossible decisions

I am currently working on a photo project. I have been combing through my photos in search of 20 of my most favorite shots of the girls. I currently have about 40 for each of them. I decided to just edit all 80 of them and then decide which ones I will use after they are lovely looking, but man is it hard! I wish that I could print and hang all of the pictures that I have of my children, but with 7,148 pictures of Charlotte and 11,772 pictures of Maddie on my zippy external hard drive, there is NO way that I could have all of them. I could probably fill a couple of museums with pictures of my children alone! A bit over the top?!? Nah. I like photography, and I like my kids.....they go hand in hand and I end up with nearly 20,000 pictures of them. What am I going to do when I fill up my hard drive? lol I'll probably have to get another one. Until then, here I sit trying to make the impossible decision of what 20 photos are the best. I think I may need some help! :)


Anonymous said...

I will take one copy of each of the 40 for each girl.... You can never have too many pictures

Grandma Cheryl

Becky said...

The year I was in England I took 6,000 pictures, including 1,000 of our 2 week trip around Europe. I could stand to delete probably 2 thirds of those pics....but what an undertaking that would be! I also have taken many pics of D, I've not counted them, but I'm sure there at least hundreds and hundreds. The other day we were needing more room on our hard drive so I thought I would go through and delete the blurry and double/triple/quadruple shots of the same pose. I was in tears as I hit the delete. I don't know why, but deleting pictures of my son, even blurry ones, just hurts. Does that make me weird? :)

County McCounterson