Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I know I mentioned Maddie and her noculars before, but I got some cute pics of her on the upstairs landing looking down at me through them. I have no idea if she can actually see through them.....can two and a half year olds manage the looking through one eye trick?? Whether or not she can use them, she adores her noculars and uses them all the time. They can even turn into a telescope if you twist it. And yes, Maddie likes to be without clothes as often as possible. She will strip down to her diaper as soon as my back is turned. And no, she is not potty trained. We have been "practicing" and wearing Dora underwear over the diaper. Maybe she'll be potty trained by kindergarten! lol I'm kidding. We haven't really given it a good shot.....we need to wait until things settle down and she is a little more used to the new house etc. This summer I am gonna have her run around naked outside and just stick a little potty on the deck for her. :)

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