Friday, June 19, 2009

busy, brusied, broken

We have been SO busy recently! Last weekend a friend of mine from junior high came to visit for the weekend. She lives in Baltimore and we finally just picked a date and made it happen. It was so incredibly nice catching up and having her here. The girls loved her and I'm excited at the prospect of visiting her on the way home from our camping trip in Ohio this July.....and getting to see Baltimore.

I have a huge bruise right above my left knee. I was carrying in groceries and had too many things in my arms and was very unbalanced and totally fell over in the kitchen. I'm not quite sure how I hurt my left leg since I fell to the right, but it's seriously the size of an orange and it's purple and angry looking. I also hurt my ankle again. It was still messed up from my fall last November and now it's even worse. I am kinda feeling like I might need to see a doctor about it because it isn't healing right and it's been such a long time, but because it has been such a long time I feel like an idiot for needing to see a doctor for it. I'm gonna start wearing my brace again and see if it gets any better.

My favorite camera lens is broken. My camera was sitting on the kitchen counter (the bar height part) and Maddie grabbed it and pulled it down by the strap and it crashed onto the hard wood. Boo. Dan looked at it and we might be able to fix it, but I don't think it will ever be the same again. And I LOVE this lens.....I am able to take it down to f: 1.8 and it is fantastic outdoors. If he can't fix it, I will need a new one.....hopefully for my wallet's sake the man can fix it. With a broken lens and me being too lazy to get out a different lens and with the limited time I have had recently I haven't really been taking too many pictures. I have some from last weekend when we went to Jordan Lake but I need to go through them and see if they need editing. And, we haven't really been doing anything too interesting. How many pictures do you really want to see of the girls at the park? Cause we go there almost every day....I could have lots and lots of park pics! lol

We have a lot coming up in the next couple weeks too. Dan is driving to Charlotte on Monday and taking the girls and I get almost 36 hours to myself. Peace and quiet.....for a whole day and a half! I am going to test out our spa tub, and maybe paint my toes and I'll probably do exciting things like clean the bathrooms and straighten up the house while there isn't someone following behind me messing everything up. I know.....I am a wild and crazy lady! Next Friday we are going to be driving down to Carolina Beach which is near Wilmington. We have rented a 3 bedroom beach condo for a week and we're taking the girls to the real beach for the first time. Maddie has been to the beach a couple times, but she was too young to even remember it, and Charlotte has only been to the beach at the lake. Hopefully they like the ocean and hopefully where we are staying doesn't have crazy big waves. I am so looking forward to relaxing and spending time with Dan and the girls without the distractions of real life. Around the middle of July we are driving up to Ohio to attend Dan's family reunion and we'll be camping and hopefully visiting Baltimore on the way home. I don't think we have anything planned for August as of yet, but we have been talking about wanting to go camping up in the blue ridge mountains, so maybe we'll plan that for August. The weather is hot and's supposed to be in the upper 90's this weekend. I may just stay indoors for the rest of the summer. Probably not, but it's tempting. I don't think I'd mind the weather if it was just hot.....the other day it was close to 90 but not humid and it wasn't so bad. The humidity sucks. I don't like it. Only about 2 and a half more months of this and then we get lovely fall. Anyway......random weather tangent.

Here are a couple of pictures to tease you. These are from Jordan Lake and as soon as I go through them and edit them, I will post a blog so you can see the rest. So cute!

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