Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lake Benson Park

Another day at the park with the girls. This day was not such a good one. Maddie was throwing tantrums and crying and wouldn't eat her lunch and she wasn't listening. I've been trying to get them out of the house before afternoon naps to expel extra energy but they both tend to fall apart a lot easier during this time because they are tired. They nap better, but it makes me wonder if it's really worth it when what is supposed to be a fun outing turns into a battle ground. If only Charlotte would drop her morning nap, then we could go earlier and not cut it so close to afternoon naps. Maddie ended up eating enough lunch for me to allow her to go play, and both girls had a good time until it was time to go, then more tantrums ensued. I don't know where I'm going to take them tomorrow, but maybe we'll stay closer to home (in our backyard) before nap time and see if things go any smoother!

Fun plastic bubble

Some older kids were at the park and LOVED Charlotte
They were petting her and totally entertained her.
Who needs babysitters?
Just take her to the park and let other kids watch her! :)

She ended up squatting down in the water again
and got her shorts all wet!

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Becky said...

AHHHH CHARLOTTE! What a cute face! And look at all that hair Maddie has! And you wouldn't see tantrums with those cheerful faces. What a beautiful park too!

County McCounterson