Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home tour: guest room/office

Our guest room is the one area that I have no idea what to do with. I currently have the down comforter that we used to have on our bed in the master, and some random throw pillows. I have the old curtains from our old master and some random things on the walls. I need a new piece of art for the space above the bed, and I would like to make a duvet cover for the down comforter and covers for the those throw pillows, but I have no idea what colors I want to use which means I have no idea what fabric to buy. I guess I should go to the fabric store and see what I like. The walls are painted the same color as the living room a neutral beige so I could really do anything I wanted to with the comforter and accessories. I don't think that I want to stick with the jewel tones like what is in there right now, but knowing what I don't want doesn't really bring me much closer to knowing what I do want. Our guest room also doubles as the office which we don't use much anymore, but I'm sure that once Dan starts back up with school he'll be up there a lot. There is a bump out area in the guest room that fits our computer desk perfectly. The only problem is that it is really closed in and it's not very easy to move around in the computer chair. We are planning on getting a new computer that isn't L shaped and will fit in flush against the wall. It should make it easier to maneuver. I found a desk that I adore, but it's at pottery barn and we totally can't afford it.....we can't even afford the used ones on craigslist. So, I'm keeping my eyes open and maybe I'll find a good knock off, or even an original at a decent price. Why does pottery barn have to be SO expensive?? No fair! So, this room looks kind of neglected and it is in fact pretty neglected. But, the bed is comfortable and the room is private and that means you should come and visit us and stay over! And then you can give me advice on deccorating it! :)

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