Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Home tour: living room

We are almost completely unpacked. That doesn't mean that everything is where it is supposed to go.....we'll probably still move things around a bit and once we find a good rhythm there will be things that need to move so everything flows better.....if that makes any sense to anyone other than crazy Gina!! Being unpacked doesn't mean that our house is any less messy than it was when we were in the midst of unpacking chaos! We are just a messy family I guess! I have about 5 loads of clean laundry on my bedroom floor that I need to fold, there are constantly dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher, Maddie has a constant rotation of pillows all throughout the house that she drags around and hides in. The girl's room is always littered with toys, and the diaper champs seem to always be full! That's just life in our house. Both Dan and I are cluttery people.....clutter follows us around. It is a huge effort to put things back where they go, and it is a day to day battle that we fight. Not with each other, but with the nature that is us. Clutter. Anyway......here are some pics of our living room/eat in kitchen area. They look presentable right now, but normally there are library books, and toys and pajamas that Maddie never seems to keep on. We have actually managed to keep things tidy for a few days now.....who knows how lol! There will be more rooms on the home tour as things get a bit more organized, but for now this is all you get because I'm not gonna show pictures of all the laundry on my bedroom floor, or the unmade guest room bed.

kitchen table (you can see the screened in porch through the window)

(pics from the upstairs landing)

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