Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jordan Lake beach

I finally got around to editing the pictures from our weekend at Jordan Lake. We didn't spend the entire weekend there, just visited Friday and Sunday for a few hours. I took just Maddie there on Friday and on Sunday the whole fam and my friend went.....that's why Maddie has two different bathing suits on in some of the pictures. We had such a great time at the lake. Maddie constantly talks about it and asks to go to the beach every morning. The water is a little muddy, but its warm and pretty shallow and the waves are very small if not nonexistent. Maddie amazes me with her ability in the water. She just walks right in and has no fear. Most of the time she uses her floaty and can go anywhere she wants, but sometimes she tries to go into the water without her floaty and she has always done fine, but it makes me really nervous! She is just like her Mama though.....a little fish who doesn't leave the water until it's time to dry off and head home. Charlotte liked playing in the sand and crawling on and off our beach chairs. She also loved going into the water (with us holding her) and kicking her arms and legs. I bought a floaty for her that I think she would have loved, but we forgot it at home. Maybe next time we'll remember to bring it and see how she likes a little freedom in the water. I really like Jordan Lake! I like that the beach is small, and not very many people seem to go there and it's a cheap, easy, and fun way to spend time together!

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