Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pool party

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the beach condo we were staying at was on the 3rd floor.....that's lot's of stairs going up, and lot's of stairs going down, and beach chairs and floaties and towels and babies. I think we might have cancelled out all the ice cream we ate just by going up and down the stairs! Never mind the trecking through sand carrying kids, walking to and from the board walk almost every night and swimming almost all day everyday. Who knew vacationing could be such a great work out! We had a pool at our beach condo. It turned out to be totally necessary and such fun! It was so awesome to come from the beach all sandy and hot and shower off and jump into the pool to cool off and relax before going inside for lunch or dinner. One day the waves at the beach were so big that we spent a good deal of time at the pool instead of being pelted by the ocean. Charlotte hasn't spent much time in water other than the bath tub, and at first she was really hesitant. It actually took a few times splashing around in her floatie before she relaxed and enjoyed herself. Maddie was totally amazing in both the ocean and the pool! As long as she has her floatie she can get around anywhere and she is showing so much confidence in the water. We practiced kicking and paddling with her arms while I held her. (no floatie) I think that I am going to look into swimming lessons for next spring/summer. Both Maddie and Charlotte liked being thrown into the air at the pool, but they liked being caught right at the start of the water and not going under. Which is funny because both girls like putting their faces in the water.....it must be a control issue. We had a lot of fun at the pool and also had a lot of talk about putting a pool in our back yard and what it was going to take to make it happen. Money. Lot's and lot's of money! I don't think that a pool is anywhere in the immediate future, but it's fun to dream......for now we'll enjoy our little blow up pool and look back at our vacation pictures with fondness!


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Becky said...

In regards to the 3rd floor living: Welcome to my world! At least I don't have 2 toddlers! Let's just hope we're out of here before that happens! :)

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