Thursday, July 2, 2009


We had so much fun at the beach. Maddie kept telling me over and over again, "I like the beach." We swam, built sand castles (which the girls would knock down after mere seconds) caught and played with sand crabs and we even watched some guys catching fish.....Maddie and I held the fish!! Our days were broken up by naps, but it was a nice restful time away from the beach or pool. I am really proud because we managed to keep both our girls from getting sun burned. That is a pretty big task when you have two little ones who hate getting sunblock applied and who spend a majority of the day outdoors in the sun. Dan was actually the only one who got burned.....surprise!! I am seriously going to be pissed if he gets skin cancer.....the boy needs to learn how to reapply!! It's nice to be back home, our house is so nice.....this was the first time we came home after being away for any length of time and it reminded me of how much I love our house! I do however miss the beach a lot. More than once I've wished that we were still there, or that we had the ocean outside our back door. We will definitely be going back.....hopefully sooner rather than later!

yup....she sure is (peeing)! *she was wearing a swim diaper*

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