Sunday, June 14, 2009


My bathroom has a big frosted glass window right over the bath tub. It allows light in, but you can't see through it. I generally end up bathing the girls in my tub because it's downstairs and is more convenient than hiking upstairs....and sometimes Maddie doesn't take a bath at the same time as Charlotte and it's easier for me to stick my head out into the living room to check up on her than if we were upstairs. My tub is also a lot bigger and there is more space all around which makes it more fun for the girls and roomier for the wash woman (me) Anyway.......the lighting in the tub area is fantastic.....nearly perfect, which makes for some great pictures. So different from either of the bathrooms at our old house. None of these pictures of Charlotte have been edited......maybe they need a little tweaking, but not anything drastic and I am feeling lazy and haven't blogged in a long time so I just wanted to get them up. I have some shots of Maddie from the same bath, but since she is not nearly as compliant anymore with picture taking I have a bit of editing to do to those shots before I post them. Check back though, they WILL be posted eventually! :) I think these pictures of Charlotte are adorable and I was actually a bit bummed that I already ordered the prints for my project because I would love one of these edited and on my wall. But, I think that is going to be a feeling I have all the time forever because I am always taking new pictures that I love, and I can't print and hang everything. Maybe I will eventually become a crazy lady who has every inch of every wall covered with pictures of my kids. That wouldn't be weird right? You'd still come and visit me and bring me house plants and picture frames right?!!?

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Becky said...

Charlotte has always been a "Gina" baby to me....until these pictures!!! She is Dan's baby through and through! And quite adorable I must say! :)

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