Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blame Dexter

I have been mia for a while due to the fact that Dan and I are totally addicted to the show Dexter. We rented season one and are now halfway through season two and it basically steals all our free time. Free time that used to be devoted to blogging. So, you can blame Dexter! is a really addictive show so it's not really my fault! We will probably finish watching season two this weekend so life will go back to normal.

As well as watching Dexter we have been enjoying the summer. For a good solid week we had no humidity!! What a wonderful week. It's back now, but it was good while it lasted. The girls have been playing outside a lot. Dan blew up the pool and we put it under the swing set slide and let the girls slide down into the water. They loved it. I learned that the pool is not such a big place with me, 2 girls, and a slide. I got a foot to the crotch during one of Maddie's descents down the slide. Oh well, you learn! lol I really love summer.....not as much as the other seasons, but staying outside late, walking barefoot in the grass, eating corn on the cobb. All great things!

We have started our first landscaping project.....and when I say we I mean Dan.....and when I say project I mean the battle of man v.s. kudzu!! My husband is one crazy man! He has been spending his afternoons wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts (in this humidity) digging out, hacking down and pulling kuzdu out of our backyard. Kudzu.....such a lovely vine, but it seriously takes over everything and will end up killing our trees. It is also ridiculously hard to get rid of. But, my Dan is single handdedly winning the battle against it. While us girls are lounging (and getting bit by mosquitos) in the pool, Dan is doing hard labor. Every once in a while you can hear the chanting of "GO DADDY GO," as we try and cheer him on!

Dan at war:

This is the BEST cake ever......
I'd like to tell you I made it.....
But I didn't!!

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