Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last stop: Wilmington

On our way home from the beach we stopped off in Wilmington. I think that town is by far my favorite place in North Carolina. It is so cute and laid back and artsy. I love the old houses and the plantations. I love the kitschy antique shops and restaurants. Dan and I try and go there at least once a year....although it had been a long time since we last went. We had lunch at the cafe we always visit and ate fish and chips! We didn't really get to walk around the board walk because it was getting late and we still had over an hour in the car with tired girls. But it was nice to see Wilmington and to get my fix. Hopefully we'll get back there again before the year is over.....maybe for the anniversary.

Charlotte trying to eat crayons
and Daddy trying to stop her....
she thought it was hilarious!

This was the view that we had while driving home. We had to leave the beach, but at least we got to see a beautiful sunset. Not a fair trade, but lovely none the less.

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