Thursday, July 9, 2009

Park day

We found another new park close to our house. I guess it's because we moved closer to downtown that we have so many great parks near us.....when we lived out in the middle of no where we had 2 parks to choose from and neither was very fantastic. Carolina Pines Park is shaded, has 2 playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts and a dog park. We have yet to take our dogs there, but a visit will be in our future. I'm sure Henry and Tyson will enjoy being able to socialize with other dogs again! Although sand is a bit messy, I like it better than wood chips which is what is typically around's more fun for Charlotte who can't do all of the equipment. We bring our sand toys and make castles and my foot usually gets buried at least once. Even though Charlotte can't play on everything I am amazed at what she can do! If I lift her up onto the platform, she can walk up the stairs to the slide, sit herself down and slide down. She is turning into a little adrenaline junkie and loves going down the slides by herself. I haven't tried her on the big twirly ones yet, but she can handle a good 5-6 foot slide by herself. Maddie of course is an expert on everything although once she gets to the top of a climbing ladder she doesn't know how to then climb onto the platform so I help her with that, or she just climbs back down. It looks like it's going to be rainy least it is this morning, so no park today, but we'll be back. And for those of you who live in the Raleigh area, I have a list of all the neighborhood parks......hit me up if you're interested and I can email it to you.

Little walking girl....even in sand!

I swear the girl will eat anything! lol
A little roughage.


Becky said...

Oh the differences between a first time parent and a seasoned pro: When we took those last set of pics with Jake, we played on the playground for a little bit and Trevor was SOOOOO scared to have Dec go down the slide! He kept thinking he would fall back and hit his head! I think I'm more daring to let Declan be a boy than Trevor is! :) Yeah for park days!!

geetabean said...

I don't know if I would call myself a seasoned pro! lol I was a little more cautious with Maddie, but have learned that kids are pretty bouncy and they typically don't get very hurt. That, and it seems better for them to have a whole lot of fun with a possibility of an owie than to not let them have fun to try and prevent an owie. (not that you do that) Maddie has always been WIDE open and Charlotte is now used to brutality be it from Maddie or play equipment! :) Don't worry, Declan will be all boy....I can already picture him playing football (for Trevor's benefit! ;))

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