Monday, July 27, 2009


My tomato plants are finally starting to produce fruit! I was starting to think that I wouldn't get any because they had such a rocky start. I started them from seed and they were looking good and then we moved and it took a while for me to get them into the ground and I didn't really harden them off the right way. I did have 2 casualties and bought plants to replace them and one of the new plants seems to be dead, but the other 6 plants are doing good and all of them have tomatoes growing. I am trying to wait patiently but it's hard.....I am so excited for them to mature so that I can eat them!! Two of my plants are peach tomatoes and will look just like a peach, color and all. Two of my plants are black pineapple tomatoes and will be yellow and black.....these were from my heirloom seeds. The new plants I bought are just the average run of the mill red beef steak and roma tomatoes. This small success with my tomato plants is getting me really excited to have a full size garden. We haven't even started the plans yet, but I know the location I'm gonna put it and I have a neighbor I want to talk to about gardening. She has an a-m-a-z-i-n-g garden and utilizes almost all of her property as garden, but it's really tasteful and pretty and almost looks like landscaping the way she has it set up. We are really lucky that this neighborhood is as old as it is because that translates into amazing soil. In most new neighborhoods the developers come in and take all the top soil out so they can sell it which leaves very unbalanced and nutritionally weak soil that doesn't grow very well. Dan and I will have far less work to get our garden ready and if all the gardens in the neighborhood are any indication, it will be very fruitful. We have also thrown around the idea of planting bamboo all along the back of our property because it grows fast and well in shade and will make a good privacy barrier that won't take over our lovely trees. Bamboo can grow upwards of 16 feet in just a couple years. I can't wait to dig in and landscape our property. I hate the bushes planted out front and want to find something to replace them, and I have lots of flower seeds, but we need to make beds first. Lot's of work to do, we just need some time, some money and a plan....which means that I need to sit down and draw out the yard and where I want things to go and I need to do some plant research. Till then, I am patiently waiting for my tomatoes get red and peach and black and yellow! They are going to be delicious, I can already taste it!

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