Tuesday, August 11, 2009

heads or tails

I've been wanting to make tails for the girls for some time now. I've had the idea, but not the drive. I don't know why, but yesterday I just decided to make it happen. I went to the fabric store, bought way too much fabric like always, made a pattern and sewed these babies up. It was actually really easy and really fast. I accidentally sewed the spikes on the outside the first time and had to take the whole thing apart, after that it was a breeze.....learning curve! I think they are super cute, although they are kinda heavy and as you can see the tail needs sturdy pants to hold it up. Charlotte was walking around with droopy pants because her jamas are too big and the tail is too heavy. A pair of jean shorts would work perfectly! Now if I could just get Maddie to wear hers.....she will NOT let me put it on her. My stubborn girl! We'll just continue to read our dinosaur book and Charlotte and I will wear the tails and maybe someday Maddie will decided it would be more fun to participate than watch. ROAAARRR!

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Becky said...

You are too cute! :)

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