Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pullen park

We have a bit of cabin fever and are going stir crazy, but man did I pick the wrong day to take the girls to the park! It was 102 degrees, and the heat index was 119.....so stinkin' hot! Poor Charlotte was bright red and dripping in sweat by the time we left. The train was down, but we went on the carousel twice and the boats once. Charlotte was okay on the carousel, but she didn't love it.....she was clinging to me for dear life. She did however love the boat, maybe it was because she was able to sit next to Maddie. Thankfully Maddie stayed out of the sand.....we had a close call with a drinking fountain and she got yellow chalk on her, but overall her cast is still clean-ish. :) I think both her and I will be a lot happier once we get the cast off. I love Pullen Park but I think that next time I'll check the weather before we head out.

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