Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last weekend Dans brother's girlfriend came to visit. Jen is such a great girl! She is so helpful and I really enjoy spending time with her.....hopefully she's reading this and realizes how much we like her and will come back again soon! :) Not only did Dan and I get to go out to breakfast by ourselves Saturday morning, but we also got to take Maddie out all by herself to Marbles Museum. I thought it would be a good indoor place where she could have fun, expend some energy and not hurt herself. I was star for me. Marbles is a hands on kids museum that has an amazing pretend play area. There was a real city bus with a slide built on the back, a real fishing boat, farm stables, fire engine, ambulance, kid sized gourmet kitchen, grocery store, hospital, and post office. There were real isolettes in the hospital, package scales in the post office, a real running refrigerator in the kitchen and fishing poles with magnetic fish in the boat. There is also a stage, huge train tables and an arts and crafts room where the kids can make anything they want with the supplies......and that is just one section of the museum. Maddie had such a great time, but by the end of it we were all tired and cranky. The whole time I kept thinking how much Charlotte would have loved playing there. We will definitely be going back and I may even look into getting a yearly membership!

This is my camera looking into a kaleidoscope
looking at vegetables.
Weird, I know.

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