Monday, August 10, 2009


I think that projects are the life of a homeowner. It never ends.....once you complete a project there is another one lined up and waiting to begin. Two projects that I started on when we first moved in were finished last month.....I just haven't gotten around to posting about them. Slacker.

My photo wall turned out better than I could have imagined! I love the way the prints look in their frames, and Dan did an excellent job hanging them. It was quite a task, with paper cut outs and tape and he wasn't happy with the way it looked the first time, so he hung them twice. I think my photo wall really makes the room! Now that all the hard work is done it will be much easier to change out the pictures as the girls grow up.

My second project was an art cabinet. I've been wanting a piece of furniture that I could store all of the art supplies I have for a while now. I found this solid wood cabinet at goodwill for $20 right after we moved. It was a little beat up and a light honey color which didn't do it any justice. I sanded the whole thing down, stained it a dark cherry color and replaced the hardware. I already had the baskets, so the whole thing only cost me $25! I now have all of our art supplies organized and ready to go. So far both girls have left the cabinet alone which was my big worry with having it all out in the open. Dan and the girls made valentines (a little early!) for me using rubber stamps that had previously been boxed up and in storage.....already we have put the convenience and organization to use.

Dan is still working on the yard which is a HUGE project. He pretty much has everything cleared out, now we just need to figure out how to haul away a ton of wood and green waste. We talked about mulching it up and composting it, but the thought of kudzu in my compost scares me. That stuff is crazy and could probably grow on the moon.....the last thing I need is to compost it and then spread it all around my yard and have it grow again. I think we're gonna get a dumpster. We've been throwing around ideas for what to do with our newly acquired cleared land. I want fruit trees and berry bushes, Dan wants to move the swing set back and create a mulch/pea gravel play area. I think we'll both get what we want, we just need to sit down and make a plan.

Thats it for projects.....for now.

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