Thursday, August 20, 2009


The day that Dan left for Denmark, we went to the park. Thought we'd get some good family togetherness time before he went away for a week. Amazingly I got pictures of both of my girls smiling!! Charlotte is usually an easy sell and gives her smiles away with little effort on my part, but Maddie has been less than enthusiastic about my camera for about a year now. I usually get action shots of her that involve the side of her face. Maybe she's coming around?!? We had fun at the park for a little while until we had mosquitoes swarming us and our legs were itchy with bites. The downfall of having a creek running though the park! So we left and went to Barnyard (Maddie's word for McDonalds) and we ate lunch and played on their playground.....mosquito free. As we were leaving the park, Dan found a teeny tiny frog. It was actually really cute although it didn't want to be held at all and kept jumping out of Dan's hands. If we had an aquarium or some other habitat already set up I would have taken Mr. frog home and added it to out growing collection of random creatures. But alas, we left little froggie at the park. By the way, Mr. Caterpillar is still alive. He even escaped the other day, but I found him....almost gave me a panic attack! :) Maybe we will get to butterfly stage!!


Hobbs said...

we have not had to start a creature collection here yet... i'm sure it is coming. lol

Becky said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful girls!!

County McCounterson