Thursday, August 20, 2009

minus one bath buddy

Since Maddie broke her arm, she has been taking really short baths. We put the plastic bag on, she cries, we put her in the bath, she cries, we wash her as fast as we possibly can, she cries, we snatch her out of the bath and get her jammies on, the crying ends. I can totally understand how she feels, bath time is supposed to be fun and relaxing and it just isn't with a big cast and a plastic bag on her arm. Good thing we'll be getting the cast off soon!

I also feel bad for Charlotte because she lost her bath time buddy. Normally we have both girls in the bath together for 20 minutes or more. There is usually a lot of splashing and quite a bit of arguing over toys, but they have fun! Charlotte has been taking baths all by herself and she isn't happy about it. I can tell that she misses Maddie! There is less yelling during bath time, but there is less joy too. Only 6 more days and then water activities can resume. Hang in there Charlotte, your bath buddy will be back soon!

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