Sunday, August 30, 2009

You say tomato.....

My tomatoes have finally started ripening up! I've gotten about 45 so far!! My romas are not doing very well.....I've gotten 2. My better boy plants are producing large, red tomatoes, but they are slow and I'm having a slight problem with bugs getting to them before I can pick em'. I don't use any kind of bug control other than spraying my plants....I guess I better get to pickin' them faster! :) My best plants are the heirloom peach tomatoes. I have tons of fruit, they ripen fast and are oh-so-sweet. Strangely enough I haven't gotten one black pineapple tomato which leads me to believe that either they were the two plants that died, or I accidentally didn't bring any of those plants from the old house. Oh well. I have a bunch more seeds and I can try and grow them next year. Having all of these delicious tomatoes is making me realize that the tomatoes you buy in the store are crap. They may be big, and perfect looking, but they do not taste like a real tomato should. The bounty growing in my backyard may be less than beautiful, but they taste like perfection!


Hannah Chan said...

You can use a natural insect repellent like Neem Oil to control tomato pests. It is not an insecticide like other chemicals and it is safe for animals and humans. You can buy straight Neem Oil online (which has many household uses) and mix it yourself or you can buy Neem Spray at gardening stores. I used it on my plants which had White Fly problems and you could actually see them fleeing as I sprayed. Also, make sure it is a bug problem and not larger tomato plant attracted squirrels and there would be big bites out of the ripe ones before I could get to them!

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothin' like home grown eh?

Gil Hamilton

County McCounterson