Wednesday, September 23, 2009

busy busy busy

We have been busy little bees in the house of Schultz. With all of the new birthday toys, we have been non stop playing! It sometimes feels a little ADD-ish because the girls really, really want to play with something and then after 20 minutes of fun, they bounce onto the next thing they really really want to play with. I figure they are just excited to have so many new and fun things all at once.....hopefully we will settle down soon. It is really nice that people were so spot on with the gifts they gave Maddie for her birthday. She is really interested in everything she got. Now we just need to work on the concept of sharing birthday gifts.

My girls are usually pretty good at sharing, but this is the first time that Maddie has really understood that the new toys she got were for HER birthday which means they belong to HER. In her mind that means she doesn't have to share them with Charlotte. It makes complete sense to me, and in an adult world that's the way it would be, but for sanity in our family it can't work that way. Do you know how much screaming I would have to deal with if Charlotte wasn't able to play with these new toys. Oh my goodness, it would be bad. So, I put a couple of non age appropriate for Charlotte items up that we'll do with just Maddie, and the rest we share.....or at least we're working on sharing! :)

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