Monday, September 14, 2009


I really enjoy deccorating my home. I wish that I had an unlimited budget, but alas we are not millionaires! I think that in some ways, having to deccorate slowly is a good thing because it delays the gratification and I have more time to research and shop for things I want and make absolutely sure that I do want them. But mostly it's frustrating. There are so many things that I want to do to the house and to our yard that it makes me dizzy. Where to start, what do I tackle first? I just finished putting shelves in our master bedroom and I bought a great mirror for the entryway, but I still want to get a small table-ish thing for the entry and we're currently in the middle of working on our guest room. We are getting a new (to us, it's circa 1960) desk tomorrow. Basically the entire guest room/office needs to be done. I want to get a rug for our living room, a painting for the living room, (hopefully my SIL will be doing that) a bakers rack for our screened porch.....I think that might be it for now. lol It's really inconvenient that I have pottery barn-ish (what? I like adding ish on the end of words!) on a walmart budget.....but that's what craigslist is good for right? Once we have the office moved and set up with the new desk I'll post pics. It could be a while because it's a big job and will probably be a big mess! I'm excited though, this desk is really awesome!

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