Monday, September 14, 2009


We had a great day on Saturday! I sang happy birthday as I got the girls up in the morning. Maddie was so excited that it was her birthday.....she was so excited to go to the museum and open presents and eat cake, all of which she told me she wanted to do within 30 seconds of being awake! :) She's got a memory that one. I made blueberry pancakes and put 3 candles on Maddie's so that she could practice blowing them out. We got dressed and headed out to Marbles Museum. Both girls had a fantastic time and I was exhausted by the end of it! It is hard work running around after 2 kids who are into totally different things. We came home, took naps, played outside and got ready to go out to dinner. Maddie enjoyed being sung to at dinner although they called her Maggie so I'm not sure she knew they were talking about her! :) After dinner we opened presents and then had some birthday cake. We got Maddie a keyboard, leap frog learning system, a soccer ball, a stuffed snake and some books. She seriously liked EVERYTHING!! Her most favorite is the keyboard and for the past couple of days we've had almost continual piano music and loud singing filling our house! It's pretty cute though. Last night she read/sang Dan and I a story. She held a book and read it and would occasionally sing what was going on in the book into her microphone. All in all it was a great birthday, and Maddie didn't even wake up the next day thinking that it was her birthday again! So, she seems to get it. Little does she know that the festivities will continue this coming weekend when she gets her actual party!! I figure it's best not to talk about it otherwise she won't leave me alone......and this way she'll just be surprised.

Birthday breakfast

The museum

Backyard fun



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