Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day of school

Today was Maddie's first day back at preschool. She was pretty excited but with her birthday being this Saturday I think school was trumped. I wrapped up her new elmo lunch bag and she got to open it last night and we talked all about school. We decided to put her back in the 2 year old class because she isn't yet potty trained (there is not a bathroom in the 3 year old class) and with the birthday cut off date for the school district she won't be starting kindergarten until the week before she turns 6. She would have to stay an extra year in preschool anyway and we figured why not now. I feel a little bad that she didn't get to move up with her friends from last year, but I don't think she really cares, and she will get to see them during snack and outside play time. Charlotte and I drove Maddie to school this morning, met with her teacher and stayed a little while. I think that Charlotte would really love to go to preschool too, she had fun playing with the toys and the kids before I snatched her up to drive home. Next year.

I am really happy that Maddie is back in school. She loves it, and with her being gone I get a nice break with only one kid! I am a bit worried about how Charlotte is going to handle Maddie being gone 3 mornings a week. She loves her sister and gets totally bored when Maddie isn't around. More than likely she will be stuck like glue to me since she doesn't have her big sister distraction! On the plus side, we have been working for the last 2 weeks to get Charlotte to drop her morning nap because it's really inconvenient, but she's just not ready. She has been cranky and exhausted all the time and falls asleep during lunch. So, she's back to taking a hour morning nap which gives me peace and quiet on Maddie's school days. I think that school will be good for all of us, Maddie will have something fun to do and Charlotte will get some one on one Mama and Daddy time. I'm excited to pick Maddie up today and see what she thought of her first day!!

Maddie and her new elmo lunch bag

Off to her first day of school!

She is yelling "Hooray for school!"

This is Maddie from her first day of school last year.
I can't believe how much she has grown!


Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up. I can't wait to see her for her Birthday party.

Love Grandma

Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

I can't believe she is already on her second year of preschool! I have thought about enrolling Abbie...she would love it too...but the ones around here start at age 3 which she will be in December. Does she go every day? What a nice break for you and her too! I think Maddie and Abbie will have the same problem with starting school since our cut off date is Dec. 2 (7 days before Abbie's birthday.) So she will be almost 6 when she starts school too...seems so late. Anyways, good luck to Maddie, hope she has a great year!

County McCounterson