Tuesday, September 8, 2009

nature walk

I took the girls on their first nature walk. The promise of going to the playground afterward was dangled over their heads like a crisp, orange carrot, but they seemed to have a lot of fun! Maddie kept talking about finding robin hood and was very eager to lead the expedition. Charlotte on the other hand was an off-roading fool. I had a bit of a challenge keeping her on the trail and not running through forest brush and falling on her face. By the end of our nature walk both girls were wore out and I wasn't sure if Charlotte was gonna make it to the playground......but of course they both played for another hour or so and got Mama all wore out from pushing swings, playing hide and seek (one of Maddie's favs) and making human trains down the slide. I will definitely add this to the rotation of fun activities to do with the girls. I'm sure that the trails will be gorgeous once the leaves start changing colors!

These two are so sweet to each other....
about 82% of the time! :)

Man, my kids are cute! I might be slightly biased, but I'm not wrong! :)

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Dano said...

We are turning Maddie into a tree hugger! lol

County McCounterson