Monday, September 21, 2009

party (picture heavy)

We had Maddie's birthday party yesterday. It was such a great, mellow day! We made pulled pork BBQ sandwiches and my delicious broccoli salad (if I do say so myself....and I do!), we had ribs and buffalo chicken dip and cake! Maddie got some really fantastic gifts, her favorites being bongo drums and a picnic basket tea party set! She also got lots of art supplies which I am looking forward to breaking open and creating with. It was really nice to relax and enjoy good food and conversation with family.....almost everyone was there, and I even commissioned some great record art from a friend which I am SO excited about! The kids had such a good time playing and eating (way too much) candy....both of my girls were dead asleep by 7:45 last night. Maddie and I were talking this morning about how much fun her birthday party was and she told me, "Mama, I ate a really lot of candy!" and she did! She basically picked all the candy off of her cake....she thought she was being sneaky, but we saw her repeatedly walk into the dining room and snake the candy was her party, she hardly ever gets candy, we figured why not? Even though the birthday festivities have been great fun, I'm glad that we're done. Eventually the streamers will come down (we're always slow with taking streamers down) and life will go back to normal. My mother in law did a fantastic job of cleaning up after the party so our house looks less thing to recover from. Now I have to start thinking about the next big "party" Thanksgiving.....we're hosting it at our house this year! Think we could get away with keeping the streamers up until then?!?

Birthday girl

My mother in law made the cake.
Sooooo adorable!

And yummy too!

I love my cousin

Stop looking at my cake or I'll stab you with my fork! :)

Little Norah cow.....moo

Doggy ears, butterfly wings, balloons. Happiness.

Party animals

We tried.

Yeah, that's my husband :)

Have I mentioned how much Charlotte LOVES babies?

The Schultz children....minus Chris

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the odd one out... said...

thanks gina for the last 2 pics. i really missed being there.

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