Friday, September 18, 2009

random randomness

This blog is the definition of randomness. I wanted to share some thrift store finds, and a genius idea that came to me wa-la. Random blog about randomness. First off, right now is a great time to visit your local thrift store, or in my case 7 local thrift stores! :) With halloween quickly approaching most stores have their costumes out and on sale! And since it's so early there is a great selection!! I wasn't actually on the prowl for costumes for the candy receiving day, I wanted dress up clothes for the girls. I really lucked out too.....I found butterfly wings, a magic wand, a stuffed mouse mask and lots-o-animal ears via headband....cow, bunny, dog (with tail) and monkey. I also found some great accessories for the house, but that's another blog. We have SO many thrift stores around us. It's really fantastic to go out shopping, find a bunch of great loot and spend $12.

Okay, now onto my genius idea. We have these two DVD towers that Dan bought while we were still living in San Diego. We've always had DVDs stored in them, but since getting our new TV cabinet last year (where all of our 200+ DVDs fit) we haven't used the small towers. I have had them in my living room since we moved in May but they have been empty. In the past I had thought about putting nick nacks in them, but with two small children that would be a nightmare! Then, out of the blue yesterday I had an epiphany.....books. We have a ton of small board books that would fit perfectly! They are kid friendly, nice to look at and easy to clean up which is important since we are trying to keep "toys" upstairs and out of our living room. I gathered up all of the non-favorite board books and loaded the towers up....I figured that if I put the less read books downstairs where there isn't much to do, then maybe they'll get read more! So far (about 7 hours) I've been correct! The girls discovered the towers full of books and have been reading all day. Of course, there are now books all over downstairs, but books are easy to collect and put away. Am I a genius or what? :)

A reading cowtterfly

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Becky said...

Do you remember Wuzzles? That's what I thought of when I saw "Cowtterfly"! :)How adorable, and yes, you're a genious! :)

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