Friday, October 2, 2009

1 out of 100

In case you were not aware, I like taking pictures. I have my camera in hand pretty much every single day, and when I miss a day here and there I actually feel bad. Not necessarily for the sake of my kids, but because my photography is the one thing that I do just for me, just because I love it. I love viewing the world through a lens but more than the process of taking pictures, I love the results. Every once in a while the outcome of 100 pictures taken is 1 beautiful, magical, perfect picture that makes me feel elated. More often than not what I end up with is okay pictures of fantastic subjects. We went to the park a few days ago, and for whatever reason my girls were in top form, the lighting and scenery were lovely and nearly every shot I took was beautiful! (not professional, but pretty fantastic in my book!)

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